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Dive Into the New Age of Sterilisation Technology

Our Services

Waterless UV Knife sterilisers

The UV Knife steriliser uses ultraviolet light to quickly and effectively kill bacteria in as little as 10 seconds on knives and tools while saving up to 99% water and energy.

The unit is robust, glass safe, IP Rated and easy to service. What’s more, at only 30 watts, it has a low carbon footprint.

Air & Surface Sterilisation

Enjoy a breath of fresh air with our range of air purification solutions, a green and cost-effecting way to control bacteria, virus and odours in enclosed spaces. Our range of products are available in various sizes and strengths to ensure you get the right to suit your needs.

Surface Disinfection

Our specialist 254 & 222nm UVC technology has been proven to be extremely effective on surface pathogens, in particular, listeria within the food sector.

This technology has been used successfully in meat maturation chillers and high risk areas, reducing bactria and odors.

Hand Sterilisation

Our UV Hand Steriliser uses ultraviolet light to kill germs and bacteria on your hands, eliminating the need for harsh alcohol-based products. This makes it the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin or for those who frequently use hand sanitisers.

UV Effectiveness Survey

Optimize your UV sterilisation devices with our assessment and servicing.

Ensure your UV sterilisation devices are performing optimally and receiving the necessary maintenance. Our assessment identifies any issues and determines if servicing is required.

Maintain efficient and effective sterilisation for a safe environment. Schedule your assessment today for peace of mind and optimal performance.

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