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Not only do our UVC knife sterilisers ensure that your knives are hygienic and safe to use, but they also help you save money on your water and electricity bills.

MK6 3S / DVS

Are you searching for an innovative solution that not only keeps your knives impeccably clean but also helps you cut down on your expenses? Look no further! Introducing our cutting-edge UVC knife sterilisers, available in two advanced models: the 3S and the DVS.

3S Model: The Ultimate Dry Steriliser
Our 3S model takes sterilisation to the next level with its advanced dry sterilising technology. This model employs powerful UV-C light to obliterate bacteria and germs, ensuring your knives are not only hygienic but also completely dry. Say goodbye to water wastage and high electricity bills – the 3S model offers an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way to keep your knives pristine in meat processing factories.

DVS Model: Introducing Smart Wash Feature
For those who prefer the convenience of a smart wash solution, our DVS model is the perfect choice. Equipped with the innovative Smart Wash feature, this model utilises UV-C light technology alongside a minimal amount of water. The Smart Wash feature provides an efficient and water-saving method for sterilising your knives in meat processing factories. Experience the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and resource conservation.

What Sets the DVS Apart: Smart Wash vs. Dry Sterilisation
The key difference between our 3S and DVS models lies in their sterilisation methods:

3S Model (Dry Steriliser): This model uses UV-C light technology exclusively, ensuring a dry sterilisation process without any water usage. It's the ideal solution for those who prefer a completely water-free option in meat processing factories.

DVS Model (Smart Wash with UV-C Technology): The DVS model combines the power of UV-C light with a smart wash feature that uses a minimal amount of water. This intelligent design offers the convenience of water usage, optimised for efficiency and environmental consciousness in meat processing factories.

By choosing our UVC knife sterilisers, you not only invest in the safety of your meat processing facility but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Experience the best of both worlds – unparalleled hygiene and remarkable savings. Upgrade your industrial equipment today and embrace the future of sterilisation technology in the meat industry!

UV Knife Steriliser

Supplying The Industry Since 2016

Units Installed



> Massive savings on water and electric

> Grant funding available

> Carbon neutral

> Faster and more effective than traditional hot water sterilisers

> Less down time as they're built to last

> Simple yearly servicing

> Instant savings if financed


UV Knife Steriliser


490mm (l) x 310mm (w) x 132mm (d)


220-230V 30 watts


Wall mounted. Easy for marking, Three fixing points.


Stainless steel, IP68 Waterproof rating, FEP shatterproof coatings




1 high output twin ballasts, 2 x 15W specialist UV lamps IP68

Sterilise efficiently with UVC Knife Sterilisers

Not only will switching to UVC knife sterilisers help you save money on your water and electricity bills, but they are also faster and more convenient to use. Traditional hot water sterilisers can take up to an hour to properly sterilise your knives, while our UVC sterilisers only take a few minutes. Plus, there is no need to wait for water to heat up or cool down, saving you even more time and effort.

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